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About Bernhard

I am Bernhard and my dream ever since I was little was to explore the lonely places on Earth that is beautiful. Some of these travel places are perilous and dangerous. Comes at a great risk but for me the beauty had out weighed all risks involved.

After seeing the places I find the photos do not do any juttice to the places I have been. You really need to be a poet to use the right words that convey the astounding beauty seen. I will try to describe the beauty on some of the places below but I know my words will fail me.

How do you begin to put Antarctica into words? Travel companies try to use words like experience, adventure and expedition. Photographers say a picture is worth a thousand words so with thousands of photos collectively can say a lot. But it still cannot do justice to Antarctica.

How to explain the beauty of the Northern Lights? So beautiful that many myths and legends have circulated about the Northern Lights. That's no surprise! Eskimos used to believe the lights were spirits of seals, whales and caribou. When the lights shone red, people of the Middle Ages thought it was a signal for impending war. For me I thought it was something so sureal and unexplainable